Our vision is to provide all small and medium businesses with an equal opportunity to improve using the same online technology that’s utilised by large multinationals.


Our mission is to make online technology affordable to all small and medium businesses and use the Btab Network to assist as many businesses as possible to succeed.

About Btab Group

Btab provides Social Commerce and Ecommerce solutions to assist businesses to succeed in the online & offline space. 
Btab is not only a technology company but also a Business Hub. 

Btab was founded with the vision of assisting potential and aspiring business owners in establishing their online business using the Btab Network as an instrument.
Btab has developed a unique business model called Btab Commerce by using the Btab Network. Btab Commerce is a new way of doing business and a new way for every family in the world to make a living.

What is Btab Network?

Btab Network is the combination of 4 components, they are the Ecommerce Services, Social Marketplaces, Domain Names management and Online Marketing. All 4 components form the Btab Network.

Btab Network.2

— Many Brands But One Heart


The facilities to support the Btab Commerce operation

Ecommerce Services

Btab offers businesses a new way to do business.
Online Store, Products, Storage, Online Marketing, Sales, Fulfilment and After-sales Support. 



Btab Advertising Network

Btab offers affordable online advertisement served on the Btab Network. Advertisers may use both banner ads and text ads to advertise their products and services. Our powerful and cost-effective advertising system allows our customers to promote their ads across the Btab network.


Domain Names

Domain names investment is increasingly common and it is a valuable asset to a company. Some domain names are worth over millions of dollars.

Btab owns many domain names and sells domain names to support the Btab Network.


Social Marketplaces


Btab provides social commerce platforms for users to get connected and at the same time do business.Social_Marketplace_5

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