Our vision is to provide all small and medium businesses with an equal opportunity to improve using the same online technology that’s utilised by large multinationals.


Our mission is to make online technology affordable to all small and medium businesses and use Btab Network to help as many businesses as possible.

About Btab

Btab provides Social Commerce and E-Commerce platforms to businesses. 
Btab combines opportunities and talents around the world to help businesses succeed in the Online & Offline space.
Btab is not only a technology company but a Business Hub

Btab was founded with the vision of assisting potential and aspiring business owners in establishing their own online business using Btab Network as an instrument.
Btab has developed an unique business model through the Btab Network.

What is Btab Network?

Btab Network is the combination of all opportunities and talents founded by Btab and its business partners to help businesses succeed in the online & offline space.

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— Many Brands But One Heart

Marketplace / Social Network

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We provide online social platform for users to get connected (social network) and at the same time do business (social commerce).

Businesses in Btab Network include real estate, food, travel, farm, accommodation, sports, shopping, fashion, beauty, health, pets, entertainment…etc.


E-Commerce Services

We offer a fully managed E-Commerce solution to all businesses. It includes free setup of E-Commerce website, inventory support, 24hour online sales management…etc

Domain Names

Domain names investment is increasingly common. Domain names are valuable asset to a company. Some domain names are worth over millions of dollars.


Btab owns thousands of domain names. 


Marketing Services

We offer affordable online advertisement served on Btab Network. Customers may use both banner ads and text ads to advertise their products and services. Our powerful and cost effective advertising system allows our customers to promote their ads across Btab network.portfolio_BtabAds

– Target ads by location (by country, by state/regions)
– Set your budget (Set your campaign budget to a level you’re comfortable with)
– Set a date (our system allows you to set the start and end date of your campaign)
– Real time and Historical statistic (the report will show the country and URL of each impression and click)


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